Friday, 7 September 2012

Kids Birthday Party Theme: Western


It's been ages since I posted my Cheeky Monkey Party Theme, and I had so much fun with it that I thought I'd start posting more kids birthday party theme ideas :)

Our next contender is the Western Theme, made super popular at kids parties right now thanks to Woody from the ever amazing Toy Story movies. So if your child is a bit of a Toy Story fanatic (like a certain 26-year-old blogger I won't name) then this party theme is definitely one you need to try. 

Because I want to go into my western theme in detail, I'm going to post it in sections. So, first thing's first: the invitations.

You can of course buy western themed or even Toy Story themed invites from card shops and the like, but if you're itching to get creative and make them yourself - or even better, make them with your child - here's an idea to get you started:

You can make these lasso invitations yourself by saving this template:

(Measures just under 21cm x 14cm - so fits 2 to an A4 page)

And adding your own text in Publisher or Photoshop - I used Algerian font for 'Yee-haw!' and Playbill font for the rest of the text. Then all you need to do is print and colour! The colouring part makes for a fun activity to do with the birthday boy or girl.

For an added western touch to the invitations, use a candle to (carefully!) burn the edges, OR, if making them with small children, tear around the edges and colour with brown pen. 

To really top off the theme, you can use diluted instant coffee and tissues to 'paint' your envelopes and give them an authentic rustic look. 

Provided you're using your own printer and paper, the entire cost for making these western themed invites and envelopes can be as cheap as $3.26 (for a pack of 50 standard sized envelopes). 

Not bad, huh?

In my next post I'm covering party food - so stay tuned for some yummy looking photos!

Awww heck, here's a preview:

Sheriff badge cookies, desert sand cupcakes and cactus cake! How-To Guide in my next post :)

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